Salut à toutes et à tous,

My name is Catherine and I am a 26 year old from Wellington, New Zealand. I started this blog in late 2012 as I headed to Lyon, France on a six-month university exchange. It was a way for me to easily update friends and family back home with what I was up to, and also keep a record for myself, to look back on in future. I can happily say I have indeed done this several times!

The blog was resurrected in September 2015 as I came back to work as an English language teaching assistant in a secondary school. This was a part-time position, devised as a sort of working holiday scheme to make the most of being in France while also earning an income. I saw it as a sort of sabbatical, after four years at university – time to have a break, and hopefully find some inspiration for what’s next. Although I was largely settling into where I left off, I nonetheless managed to get up to my fair share of hijinks thanks to the rather lax demands of my job.

After a summer spent travelling and working around Europe, in September 2016 I returned to Lyon in a new position as an English teacher at an engineering school. This was at last the chance to really settle into a ‘normal’, routine life. Fast forward two years and I am still here, now working in a private language school. Updates are less and less frequent, due to life now being both busier and objectively less exciting at the same time. As always though, I shall endeavour to check in every now and again when I have something worthwhile to share!

A la prochaine fois alors…