La grande aventure lyonnaise de Catherine

Exploits while working in Lyon, and beyond…

The month that was

March, like every other month, has felt like it passed way too quickly, and yet when I look at everything I've been up to some of it feels like aeons ago! While the month was not marked by any one spectacular... Continue Reading →

Vacances d’hiver, vacances divers(es) – part 2

Part two of my jam-packed winter holidays. If you have not read part one, you can find it here. From Carcassonne, I arrived back in Lyon around 5pm on the Friday, and was on the road again by midday Saturday for... Continue Reading →

Vacances d’hiver, vacances divers(es) – part 1

I predicted that this instalment would be jam-packed, and I was not wrong. In a move never before seen on this blog I have therefore decided, for everyone's sanity, to split it into two parts, à la everyone's favourite movie franchises. Week one... Continue Reading →

Un petit update

Hi all, Just a mini update this week to cover the last month or so - there's a bumper update round the corner so I thought it best to get this backlog out of the way! Highlights since I last... Continue Reading →

Bonne Année

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard 'bonne année' so far this year I would have an impressive coin collection. Unlike 'happy new year' which I feel is wished really only in the spirit of midnight, and... Continue Reading →

C’est les vacances!

Oh what a night/weekend I said at the end of my last post that I was looking forward to having my friend Sarah visit for the weekend. Well, it didn't disappoint! It kicked off at 10pm Friday evening when her... Continue Reading →

C’est l’hiver!

Kia ora all Less than a month ago I was writing about how autumnal it was, and now winter has well and truly arrived (before the first of December might I add). Here are some highlights from the past three... Continue Reading →

C’est l’automne!

Bonjour tout le monde, Voilà some highlights from the past couple of weeks: Chamonix In the first week of the holidays I finally got round to something I'd been wanting to do since I was first here two years ago... Continue Reading →

Guess who’s back?

Oui, c'est moi. If you've never seen this blog before, you can catch a quick recap here. Otherwise, welcome back! I have now been back in Lyon, France little over a month. It has taken just about that long to... Continue Reading →

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