La grande aventure lyonnaise de Catherine

Exploits while working in Lyon, and beyond…



Week 26: Lyon/Paris/Shropshire/London

Lyon From Rome I flew back to Lyon where I barely got to say hi to my mum before I had to head into uni, suitcase in tow, to basically make sure they had my grades and were going to... Continue Reading →

Weeks 25-26: Bravo Italia

Hi all! I'm back on home soil straight into a week of horrifically cold and stormy weather, and what better way to prepare for my 9am start back at uni tomorrow than a late night slaving over this? This edition... Continue Reading →

Week 22: Athens and Budapest

Hi all! I'm catching up slowly and surely; still on the go so this isn't up to my usual calibre but yolo.  Also I've been battling hotel internet in three different cities now trying to get the photos to load... Continue Reading →

Weeks 17-18: Paris au printemps

Hellooo Exciting post this week! I actually did stuff (= went to Paris for 5 days with my friend Sarah)! Yay! Paris day 1 Day one started in true fashion getting up at an illegal hour to catch a train.... Continue Reading →

Weeks 15-16: Smells like summer!

Aloha bloggerinos (this is a reference, though I doubt anyone will get it). Not tooo much to report this week. Marseille Last Saturday I hauled myself out of bed at an ungodly hour and after far too little sleep to... Continue Reading →

Weeks 13-14: Plus ça change…

Hi all! Unconventional for me to post mid-week, I know, but I have got to perfect point in my procrastinating where I've done just enough work for the nausea to subside and guilt/stress about getting behind on blogs to take... Continue Reading →

Weeks 8-12: Spain! and stuff…

First post in a month; it's nice and juicy! I wrote half of it while I was still in Spain and everything was fresh; I think it's pretty obvious where that cuts off and my meagre attempts to remember what... Continue Reading →

Weeks 6 and 7: Descent into normalcy

Helloo On the offchance anyone remembers I have been using a diary to make short points of what I've done each day so I can remember when it comes time to write a blog (and, you know, for life etc).... Continue Reading →

Weeks 4 and 5: Getting into Gastronomy

Helloo The last two weeks have been a bit up and down. The good: starting uni, meeting heaps of new people, having probably the most social ten days of my life. The bad: anything to do with organisation. Full stop.... Continue Reading →

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