La grande aventure lyonnaise de Catherine

Exploits while working in Lyon, and beyond…




Well... Always striving to reach new heights, I have outdone myself by failing to write for a solid five months and thus eclipsing an entire season (and beyond). Winter Winter came to an end with a hiss and a roar... Continue Reading →

April – May

Where my last blog post left off it was Easter and the beginning of two weeks of school holidays. The first week I was shockingly well disciplined and in what I think is a first in my life actually managed... Continue Reading →

Week 26: Lyon/Paris/Shropshire/London

Lyon From Rome I flew back to Lyon where I barely got to say hi to my mum before I had to head into uni, suitcase in tow, to basically make sure they had my grades and were going to... Continue Reading →

Weeks 23-24: Vienna to London

Wrote this on the bus from La Spezia to Venice via La Garda and Verona, outside temperature 35 degrees. I think I did pretty well, considering! It’s a longie but a goodie, if I do say so myself. Don't want... Continue Reading →

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